What’s Your Nighttime Music Preference?


Hey there fellow blog readers!
Long time no post, huh?

Yeah, mostly, the things I think about don’t hardly come to fruition on paper, so I end up passing up the thought. But, this time, the debate in my head between the two internet radios has been going on for about a week in my brain now, so I thought I’d share and MAYBE, just maybe get some feedback. Or, at the very least, give someone out there another option.

Generally, when it comes to music, I pretty much stick to what I personally download myself. There are so many apps for music for your phone out there it’s pretty easy to get JUST what I want. If you know me at all, you know that I can’t stand what passes for today’s music. I hate hip-hop and rap music and the R&B genre is so much about impressing listeners with how long one might can hold a note, even if that note IS off-key and makes no friggin’ sense at all. Let me not even get into how much I hate today’s music. I’ll just say that I so dislike what’s on the radio, that I just stick to what I like and download myself.

However, since my downloads are rather limited, and I like to have some background music at night while I am sleeping, I have taken to playing internet radio at bedtime. I’ve decided that I like BOTH Pandora and Slacker. One is not better than the other because each has its own specific quality that I like that the other doesn’t.

In my music listening opinion, Pandora is better than Slacker in that Pandora allows you to create, and play at a shuffle, your own stations. Slacker USED to allow you to create your own stations, but has since upgraded to creating stations for you and then subjecting you to only THAT type of music for the duration of your listening time. That’s such a bummer for me during the day. I like a variety of music: gospel, country, (old school) hip/hop, R&B, and pop. And I like it to all shuffle and play at once. I want to listen to each of those genres of music while I’m listening to music….in one sitting…without having to change the stations.Pandora is good for that. Slacker, not so much.

BUT, at night, Pandora does something that irritates me to no friggin’ end!!!! Every hour or so, if I haven’t touched my iPod, the stupid station will quit playing music to ask me if I am still listening!!! That’s bugging me to death. Slacker just plays the music until I tell the radio to stop playing. So, at night, instead of getting a shuffle of a variety of music, I get a slow-grooving, mind-calming mix of Slow Jams. Which…….I can’t complain about. Because I sorely despise getting woke up at no-damn-time in the morning by some foul-mouthed, heavy beating, can’t understand rap music that’s poorly disguised as hip/hop.

So, in a nutshell, there you have it. I prefer both internet radios….just at different times of the day. And, oddly, enough, the ads don’t bother me enough to make me want to pay for the no-ads version. What about you?


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