Justice…or Nah?


Before I go to spend the day with my family, I had to post a full length version of how I feel about this particular thing I read on CNN.com yesterday.


I read this story where there was this 80 y/o man who walked into his house to find it being robbed by a young man and a young woman.
The robbers proceed to beat this 80 y/o man they are robbing so bad that they ended up breaking his collarbone.
Somehow, the man gets to his gun and, of course, the robbers then decide to break out. The old man shoots at them and ends up killing the young woman. She was found dead in the alley from his house.

The story reports that the man informed the 911 operator that the young woman yelled as she noted the gun “Don’t shoot! I’m pregnant!,” but he shot anyway. Again, she died. She was hit twice. Her partner, according to the news story, left her to die alone in the alley.

Now, the DA of that county, according to this story is trying to determine whether charges should be filed against the old man for killing a possibly pregnant woman.

Yes…I know you are thinking, “Did I read that right?” Well, yeah…that’s why I put it in bold letters! Duh! 🙂

This county’s DA is trying to determine if this old man, who was being robbed (he reported that his home had been burglarized 3 times previously and this was the 4th) and had been beaten by this couple, should be charged with anything because he was protecting himself and his property.

The law, I think (don’t quote me, you might have to Google this), provides that you are allowed to shoot someone who is causing you or your family or your property harm if they are in your house….even if they decide to try to retreat at the sight of your weapon. <–Like I said, look that up, that might just be my outrage talking at this point. But I do know you have the right to defend yourself and your property in your own home.

Was the “pregnant” chick still in the house when he started shooting? I don’t know, the story wasn’t real clear, but I THINK so.

One of my real questions would have been why did the man tell the operator what the woman yelled at all? He was clearly in the right for taking the actions he took. He didn’t exactly have to divulge any other information other than he was being robbed and beaten and he shot at the intruders. The investigation would have went on from there without a problem.

The justice system these days is all eff’d up, if you ask me. Criminals have been given plenty of MORE rights than the people they have hurt for years. Since the justice system had been created with the writing of the Constitution. But, when you start charging, or even considering charging, folk for CLEARLY defending themselves, something is just straight wrong. We have to start taking a more clearer look at what’s going on.

If this chick WAS pregnant, she should have clearly known the repercussions of what could possibly happen breaking into SOMEONE else’s home. It is not the responsibility of the person she was robbing to make sure she didn’t get hurt because of her possible pregnancy. She was in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, and she caught the consequences of those actions she chose to take as a result!

Point. Blank. Period. And thank you very much.

The only good thing that came out of this story, again in my opinion, is that the young man, for leaving the young woman alone in the alley has some charges pending against him in her death, as well. I guess, because he left her to die while they were already committing a felony, he is somehow held responsible for her death. And that’s just fine with me.

I will keep my eye on the issue in the news…if there is any to keep an eye on…to see how that turns out.

I’ve got a blog coming, too, about these so-called “botched” executions I’ve been reading about. I have to get those thoughts together.


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