The Difference Is…


I was reading a blog/article earlier this evening that likened NFL football players to old days Roman Gladiators.
I had to pause on that for a small moment.
The blog writer seems to believe that the NFL players, mainly the African-American NFL players, are being exploited by the white billionaire “royalty” members, otherwise known as the team owners. He explained by saying that the gladiators had to fight….to the death…in order to “entertain” the royal onlookers. Much like the NFL players keep the fans and their bosses entertained, even with the threat of “death in the long run.” (My words, not the writer’s.)
In the comments section, one commentor pointed out that it was foolish to compare the gladiator fighters to NFL players because the fighters had no choice basically. They were sort of like slaves, fighting to the death because they had to: being owned by them or owing them something. Either way, the choice was not theirs.
And the writer came back to (stupidly) explain that not all the gladiators were slaves.
Why he would try to make it sound like one would WANT to fight to the death, I don’t really know but I am pretty sure that if one HAS to fight to the DEATH (either his or his opponent), it’s not really a choice.
On the other hand, not all NFL players, specifically not all AFRICAN-AMERICAN NFL players join up because they HAVE TO. Not all of them sign the dotted line because they are in debt with no other way out. Not all of them sign up just to get out of the ghetto. Not all of them sign up because they have some sort of NEED to be there.
Some of them just genuinely WANT to do something they are good at…….and have other people watch and praise them for it……..
And get paid a HELL of a lot while doing it.
While both the gladiators and the players know what they are getting into when they enter their arenas, only one of them has the option of NOT walking out there.
And to say that the NFL players, ALL of them, are being exploited is just naive thinking, in my opinion.


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