Online Dating – What Not To Do


So, I was reading this article today abt what the article writer thought was the best steps to participating in online dating.
One of her suggestions was to NOT join FREE sites.
The writer’s reasoning was that people who are not looking for SERIOUS relationships don’t join free sites. Basically, you get what you pay for and if you don’t pay, you just get screwed.
I tend to disagree.
Pay sites aren’t better than free online dating sites. For real, ALL sites are paid sites, they just offer you the opportunity to join for free. They really want you to want to pay. They all do the same. You SUPPOSEDLY get more if you pay the fees, but I think that that’s a bunch of bull.
If you’re gonna get screwed over, you will. If you take your time and really get to know a person, you may fare better.
A website may help with meeting different types of people, but the website doesn’t help with how you interact with them….even if you pay for it.
A website is like an online bar: there’s no loud music and you can take your time ogling all the hotties you’re interested in.
If you pay for the website, it’s like paying the cover charge entrance fee at a club…the price might even cover the fee you’d pay for spilled drinks.
On a website, you don’t have to worry about crowded spaces and fights breaking out. On a website you don’t have to worry about somebody wearing your outfit. On a website you don’t have to worry about somebody sliding up to the person you are trying to slide up to.
All the websites ask the same questions, paid or free. But the free websites actually offer a paid section that might offer another section that the paid part doesn’t.
But don’t let the paid version versus the free version of websites discourage you from trying it out.
Just like leaving your house and trying a bar/club, you never know what you’re going to get or who you might meet online.
And those can be really great experiences!


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