The “Demands” of Blogging

PureSatificationSo, of course we know that I haven’t updated in a while….without looking, I can’t even tell you what my own last blog was about.

So, what have I been up to lately?  Not much really. Just chilling and being boring and maybe even a little bored. (probably not much, if I had to be honest)  Sitting around watching Netflix and thinking of what I’d blog about if I dragged the computer out to do it.

See……… not much.

I transitioned to the new Samsung Galaxy S6.  It’s kinda cool. Also got a new LG tablet for free (with a $10/month data plan–thanks T-Mobile).  I’m trying to convince myself that I’d be able to blog about stuff more on that thing, instead of the computer.  We’ll see.

So, what moves me?  Nothing really.  I get upset a little bit about the news, but to blog about that with so many other people with more developed thoughts than mine seems a bit redundant.  So, why go there.

I wish I had the mind set to just free write about the crap that floats around in my head, but I can’t make it make sense on paper, so I don’t do that either.

I used to be so gong-ho about putting my thoughts on paper, but the feeling waned.  That makes me sad.

I’m still single………if anyone was wondering.

Well, there’s nothing left ….

Catch ya later in the blog world!


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