Wars and Rumors …….

rumorsI wonder if we are all aware that wars aren’t only just fought between countries?  We, each and every one of us, are living in a local war zone, daily.

I look at the news these days and I see a sort of “civil” war going on between people.  Men, women, AND children have declared war on humanity, on each other, and the results are awe-striking (if I can make that word up, lol)!

On Wednesday morning, I was FLUMMOXED (!!!) at what I heard on the news:  A man, angry because he had lost his job a couple years ago, basically hunts down and shoots and kills his ex-co-workers on LIVE TV!  Not only does he shoot & kill them on LIVE TV, he also videos himself committing this horrendous act!  And POSTS it on all his social media sites. How awful is that?  I was just too through!!!!!!! Out of there, no words that can exactly explain how I feel about that.

I continue to be completely amazed at the lengths people will go through to commit unspeakable, unthinkable (to me) evil against one another.  And there’s no REAL, EXPLAINABLE reason why the violence is even an option.

I was shocked when the man walked into a movie theater in Louisiana and shot and killed people in there last month! (we won’t even discuss the PREVIOUS movie house killing that happened up north)

I was aggravated, and pissed off, when the white guy shot and killed those 9 black people in a church…AFTER having sat and witnessed their worshiping for an hour!!

How cold and cruel can an individual get?
I really hate to ask that question out loud, seems like someone else decides to give us a preview of how cold and cruel one can get every other day or so.

Kids get into fights at school, at the park, on the bus, or wherever and end up killing each other over some boy or girl, or some incidental sleight that doesn’t really matter, EVER, in the long run.

Men attack women, because they can.

Women abuse the children they’re supposed to love, cherish, and PROTECT with their very lives!

Wars and rumors … No matter where you live.
No matter the country, city, state, or whatever…… You are living in a war zone!

Take heart, take care, and pay attention to what’s going on around you.  The war may not have reached you, YET; but the rumors are in your ear.


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