My People, My People


Sometimes, I get my blog topic ideas from other blog topics.  Not necessarily the blogs, because sometimes I don’t read them.  Today, I saw a blog titled something like, How to Survive the Next Four Years.

And now, here’s my blog:

I don’t have tips.  I mean, why would one even consider taking a tip from me? I’m pissly-poorly barely managing to give myself tips.  But, go with me anyhow…

My ONE tip on how to survive the next four years is to do as you’ve been doing by handling things as they come, preparing where you’re able, and learning from what you already know.  Think about this, the next four years actually started four years AGO.  The previous four years started EIGHT years ago.  And guess what??  You’re still here!  You’ve managed to survive whatever came your way, even if just barely.

I’ve no illusions of what the next four years politically will bring, I mean, in reality, it hasn’t even started yet.  I’m aware of all the rhetoric and insults being passed around like it’s life, but I refuse to be scared by the scariness of others.  What I mean to say is, I’m not going to let myself be sucked into someone else’s paranoia.  It IS scary to me to NOT know what’s coming, but I can’t guess about it until whatever it is either begins to present itself or it bursts into being like a fashion model.

So, survive the next four years by surviving… but don’t JUST survive.  LIVE in that survival.  Live in the knowledge that you CAN survive.  And if you can bring change with it…CHANGE IT.

That’s my advice.  Let’s see how well I take it myself.

Until next time…I’m out like the lights.


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