The First Step


I watched “The West Wing”.  You know the current president is still the president until he isn’t.

I don’t know what could be going on in the Obamas’ heads at this moment, but I know that a lot of our country is trying to come to terms with the fact that one of the most gracious families to live in the White House has come to term.

I’m not as politically knowledgeable as I probably should be, but I can tell you that I’ve never witnessed a president as well-informed as President Obama.  I’ve never seen ANYONE AT ALL handle such adversity, criticism, and plain ol’ hatred as graciously, even-headed, and quietly as Barack Obama has.  (In the face of some of the things, harsh words, critical skepticism, as the Obama went through these 8 yrs, I’m confident in my personality to know I woulda been popped off with something rude, nasty and harsh to say back myself.)

I shudder to think what our country is heading for.  I won’t speculate as to what the new male person in the White House (I REFUSE to call that man President) is going to do while in office.  I won’t denigrate him (any further than refusing to call him President).  But, I WANT to be petty and I WANT the press to CONSTANTLY give that man a hard time for the next 4 yrs.

That’s not Christ-like.  🙂

I’m just not ready to give up on having a President that actually knew what he was talking about, even if he was just reading a speech.
I’m just not ready to give up on having a First Lady to do more than just smile and wave and sound like she might perhaps be interested in something other than BEING First Lady.
This has not been an easy 8 years.  Obama hasn’t been perfect by any means.  And if you ask me, he developed that backbone he’s leaving out of there with just a shade bit too late.  But that man gave it a go when no one thought it possible and for that I give a great shout……


Not only does he get to live out the rest of his Black-American life having been the FIRST black man to lead the free country of America, he gets to go out knowing that many others now want to follow in his footsteps.  Not such much as lead the country, but better lives for sure.

I was speaking with a co-worker today and she said something that I hadn’t really thought of.  Not marches and speeches on hilltops, but President Obama can be compared to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his calmness and non-violent approach to the negative media that constantly berated him (Obama) in just about EVERYTHING he did.  His silent message of non-violence in his speech, in the way he addressed the things said about him and his family, in the way he carried himself regardless, reminds me of the way Dr. King lived.  I wasn’t alive then, but the stories have been told…heard…and learned from (in some areas).  The stories have been accurate.  Dr. King was an inspiration to most.  President Obama is and will continue to be an inspiration to all in the coming years.

I don’t know how, or if,  President Obama will stay in the spotlight, relevant to current events, but I hope he will.  I hope we will be able to continue to see Mrs. Obama still encouraging kids to move and exercise and just be.  I hope his children will be able to be inspirations in their parents’ wake and move on to do great things in their lives.

I’m not a big political junkie, but as a citizen, I’m going to miss President Obama and his family and I’m sad to see them go. I’m just not ready.

Thank you Mr. President Obama for sticking in there and hanging on helping to bring change to a reality.  Thank you President Obama for not being afraid to take that first step even when you couldn’t see the whole staircase (Dr. King).  And thank you for showing the world that some of anything is possible when you try.  I would cry “don’t go” but I know that’s not the way it works.

You may have had enough…but we were just getting started.

Good-bye President Barack Obama….and Good luck in your future!


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