Standing Together

Standing together hurts oppression.
How do I know? Just ask our last, and greatest, advocate for justice. Martin Luther King, Jr.
(But the following quote/meme is NOT from him.)


This quote.  This quote is making me feel a lot of different ways. I WISH I was somebody enough to get out there and fight with those who face the intolerance of injustice today.

Last Friday, TheDonald signed the Muslim Ban bill.  This executive order not only keeps out new immigrants for at least 90 days and as much as 120 (could be longer given more circumstances), but also keeps out people who have already went through the rather strenuous vetting process to get the Visas.  It keeps out people who are already citizens of this country, solely BECAUSE they are of the Muslim faith.

Injustice is Injustice no matter how you look at it.  Banning a people for their faith is injustice.  There’s no RIGHT in it at all.  And when people are being done wrong, EVERYONE should band together and make the wrong stop.

It doesn’t matter to me if the people I want to fight for wouldn’t fight for me or my people when/if the need arises.  What matters to me, as it should to everyone, is that I make SOME KIND OF STAND for the people who need more voices to help them.

What should matter to all of us, as citizens of Americans, is that our country is under attack from the very people who think they are defending it.

When you attack other people’s beliefs, their way of life, their faith, and their patience, you attack every citizen you should be fighting for….not with.

It’s difficult to say what I really mean, because I get so upset my thoughts get jumbled and I want to scream.  I don’t have a people reaching platform.  All I have is this blog and it’s as random as I am.  But, today, for any who might read this, I encourage you to stand with your fellow brothers and sisters, fellow citizen.  Make your voices heard. Scream in writing if you have to, but be heard by someone and let’s fight together.



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