Health Care Is Not A Quickie

So, without me trying to go into any kind of specific detail about this “Tryna Care” (Trump+Ryan) health care plan, because I don’t have any and am not very knowledgeable about any of that, let me just say this much because it’s been on my mind since I read on Friday (March 24th) that #thedonald and his crew PULLED their “health care plan” that he DEMANDED the people on the floor to vote on, even though he KNEW he wasn’t getting much support. And then, for whatever reason, the folk from the “FREEDOM Caucus” decided that it wasn’t worth the effort and that lag made Ryan decide to tell Trump to just pull the vote from the floor. And of course, in Trump style fashion, he blamed his defeat on the Democrats, who let me add a little bit, had no parts in coming up with THIS plan that Trump’s OWN PARTY wouldn’t agree to.

Let’s review just a little bit of the past. The past I’m referring to is the birth of the Affordable Care Act plan…to ME UNaffectionately known as ObamaCare.

Now, former President Obama (makes me a lil sad referring to him that way) addressed health care in his bid for president from the start. He mentioned his plan and when he took office, he began implementing it. Now, it took HIM damn near a YEAR to get this plan to the voting floor and another couple of months to get it approved before it took effect.

A. WHOLE. DAMN. YEAR. (If I can borrow Mary J. Blige’s title for a moment.)

And not only that, but he was sure to work WITH the Republican’s AND the health care industry to get an “almost agreeable” plan to the voting floor.

Trump in his ignorance, because smart the man is just NOT, decided to blot out the democrats and I don’t even know if he said HELLO to the health care industry regarding his plan and tried to have implemented a health care plan that wasn’t in ANYBODY’S best interest only a cpl MONTHS of his getting into office.

Who in his camp even did any research to this thing?

You know, many of us, even those of us who agree with the ACA feel that there could DEFINITELY be some TWEAKING done to this plan, because it’s good, but not GREAT.

But to try and replace the plan with nothing that works is no plan at all. Just talking doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Action needs to backup all the tough talk. Action needs to match the words that are spoken with such carelessness and callousness.

We can’t depend on someone who doesn’t even know what the hell he EVER said.  It’s not going to work.

Tax Reform is next, #GoodLordHaveMercy….what’s going to happen with that.

Our way of life might be on the verge of collapse if someone doesn’t get a handle to Trump and Ryan and nem……

Let’s keep our eyes open.


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