On the Move


So, as promised I’m banging out a blog since I’ve had to do some typing work for my side hustle (how I bittersweetly wish there was more money in it).

If you can’t tell my secret by the picture, I’ll tell you:
This summer I’ll be going to Vegas, baby!!!

This will be the second time that I’ve left Texas for a vacation. Once, I went to Oklahoma to visit my brother the marine. Now this time, I’ll be going to Vegas with my older brother and his family and friends. ON A PLANE, no less.

Let me tell you…….I’m ALL THE WAY excited about my first experience on a plane, and SUPER low-key DREADING my first experience on a plane.

It’s going to be a blast (I hope) and I can’t wait for it to be here (and over) already!!! LOL
(I’m so not the hypest, going out, type of person…I’m planning my vacation to Vegas as lying poolside the whole week with a book and a bunch of booze. ((Not really, but I kinda wish.)) I believe the term is “introvert.”)

I’m about to start a “vacation checklist” so I can get ready and don’t end up leaving anything behind.

Got any suggestions for me?

I’m out like the lights!!!!


Long Time No Visit

Yes, it has been a long time that I’ve managed to type out a blog, meaningful or otherwise. Tonight’s blog thought isn’t really turning out, as I think it, to be much about anything.

What has my mind today is a tragic accident that makes me want to make a joke about Gorilla Glue.

How the hell did a bridge that was built on Saturday FALL/COLLAPSE on Thursday?!?!?

Somebody is in major trouble and nobody knows who to blame yet.

And that’s it for the night.

I’m going to try and remember to pound out a blog, or a blog thought whenever I manage to sit at my computer for my lil after-work job.

Speaking of after-work jobs, if anyone needs any typing done, please feel free to contact me and let’s do business. If you wrote it, but it needs to be typed, let me do it for you. $8 per page or $100 per 10 hr block of time.

Peace, love and hair grease! I’m out like the lights!!

Not How, But Why

The American Flag – Old Glory – stands for “peace, honor, truth & justice…freedom, confidence, resolution & pride…”

You know what that flag DOESN’T say it stands for?


Equality for each American citizen regardless of skin color, ethnicity, or social standing.

You know what DOES say that it stands for equality, though? The United States Constitution. Which is what that flag is a symbol of, right?

This blog isn’t to condemn or approve of the way the NFL players (and others) have chosen to protest. This blog is to delve into WHY they are protesting to begin with.

I think Colin Kapernick kneels because this, our great country, is missing the equality.

Without equality we, the citizens of the United States, the whites, the blacks, the mixed, the Native Americans, the “transplanted citizens,” have no FREEDOM.

We are “free” to express our disappointments & dislikes & general unhappiness … in the privacy of our own homes. But, Old Glory, forbid we express those ideas & thoughts publicly. Things become a little sticky then.

Peace has never been achieved in America. Between Americans. We haven’t had internal peace since before the Civil War began (1861-1865).

And without peace, how can there be honor? Folk barely respect one another.

And without honor, truth & justice gets a back seat way back in the back of a bus that generally doesn’t exist.

With all the internal fighting going on, though it may not be as well publicized as the Civil War was front and center, there is no resolution and/or pride.

Except, however, there IS PRIDE. Within every citizen that lives within the borders of this great, oppressed, nation there is an unshakable, undeniable, unwavering swell of pride.

Every one of us American citizens are PROUD to be counted as citizens of this messed up, racially divided, color-coded, opression blinded country.

There is Confidence with its certain groups. America’s “cliques” are proudly and confidently divided. They are confident that they can keep each group of diversified classes of people in their places and out of cliques where they don’t belong.

Even if truth & justice have to be sacrificed to accomplish that goal.

I haven’t spoken with Colin Kapernick, of course, but if I had a moment to do so, I’m pretty sure he would tell me that his kneeling at the flag/Anthem is not aimed AT the flag/Anthem; but rather to bring awareness to the fact that the ideals and ideology that flag represents has been left to fly in the wind like the dust when the flag blows freely.

We are missing something this country stands for, America, and it is becoming blatantly obvious (though the majority of Americans would like to go on ignoring this fact like they don’t feel the breeze on the back of their legs where the hiked up part of their dress is showing off their dirty underwear).

We are missing something, America. And people are noticing and starting to point it out. People are getting tired of missing the equality of our country.

Stand up, take a knee, lie prone on the floor with your face down in prayer…however you decide to do it, it is time to speak up–together.

Empowerment is what…really?

Last night I was talking with my daughter about the TV (HBO, I think) show “Insecure”. I tried watching the show. It gets a lot of praise and coverage on Facebook. But, IDK, call me “old-fashioned” but the lead character Issa, just used the p-word to often for my liking.

You know the “p-word” … “grab’em but the p…y.”

Yeah, THAT word.

I’ve never been comfortable with that word. Not even when talking about an actual kitten, a cat. I’m just not comfortable with it. I am a 42 yr old black woman and I still feel like I should, or somebody should, be washing my mouth out with soap when I say it.

My daughter told me it wasn’t “that bad.” And I read & hear that it’s 2017 and it is “empowering” to women to be able to speak in this fashion without guilt or shame.

I’m not on that train. I actually am more of the opinion that other women only jumped on that train because they were afraid of being left behind by men who don’t really want their company anyway.

I can’t understand it. What really gets me though is that women say these things like they are OK with it, but if somebody says it TO THEM, most of these same women are OUTRAGED that one would have the nerve to do so. These same women are “empowered” by speaking it, but are “offended” when it is spoken to them.

We are a world of double standards, but what are our individual standards for ourselves?

I often wonder, these women who are so empowered in public speaking how they do, what do they feel about it in closed corners?

I’m never going to be comfortable with the p-word, or the d-word for that matter (d for “penis”. {Shoulda seen me tryna explain d for penis to my co-worker earlier. LOL} I’d much rather just allude to what I’m talking about.)

Anyway, I’ve lost my train of thought talking with someone else, I’ll leave with this:

It’s 2017 and I’m still not comfortable with trying to be “empowered”.

What Frightens You


an intense (irrational) fear of small holes and clusters of circles and bumps [made even worse if said cluster appears on skin]

For as long as I can remember, just looking at small circles of stuff clumped together in a mass was something to make me gag.

It never made sense to me, but it was a ‘thing’.

This morning, reading the CNN newspage, I found–to my AMAZEMEMT!!–that MY thing was A thing.

And not to sound as weird as it actually is, I was happily relieved to know that there was a thing that I could relate my thing to.

Phobias generally are (irrational) fears–dislikes–of something … anything, for no real reason at all. They are difficult to explain and just as difficult to deal with, to live with. But they are REAL to the people who suffer from them.

If you are not one to suffer from phobias of any kind, please remember to be kind and a lil supportive to those you may know who do suffer.

We KNOW it’s irrational; we can’t help it. Help us out.

On a shorter note:

I hope to blog again soon. In the meantime, I encourage you to blog something interesting to you that you’ve discovered. (In my research, I’m learning that I most likely won’t get far in my blog success because I don’t focus on one thing; instead, I’m all over the map with my opinions and useless info.)

I’ll get there. Later!!

Health Care Is Not A Quickie

So, without me trying to go into any kind of specific detail about this “Tryna Care” (Trump+Ryan) health care plan, because I don’t have any and am not very knowledgeable about any of that, let me just say this much because it’s been on my mind since I read on Friday (March 24th) that #thedonald and his crew PULLED their “health care plan” that he DEMANDED the people on the floor to vote on, even though he KNEW he wasn’t getting much support. And then, for whatever reason, the folk from the “FREEDOM Caucus” decided that it wasn’t worth the effort and that lag made Ryan decide to tell Trump to just pull the vote from the floor. And of course, in Trump style fashion, he blamed his defeat on the Democrats, who let me add a little bit, had no parts in coming up with THIS plan that Trump’s OWN PARTY wouldn’t agree to.

Let’s review just a little bit of the past. The past I’m referring to is the birth of the Affordable Care Act plan…to ME UNaffectionately known as ObamaCare.

Now, former President Obama (makes me a lil sad referring to him that way) addressed health care in his bid for president from the start. He mentioned his plan and when he took office, he began implementing it. Now, it took HIM damn near a YEAR to get this plan to the voting floor and another couple of months to get it approved before it took effect.

A. WHOLE. DAMN. YEAR. (If I can borrow Mary J. Blige’s title for a moment.)

And not only that, but he was sure to work WITH the Republican’s AND the health care industry to get an “almost agreeable” plan to the voting floor.

Trump in his ignorance, because smart the man is just NOT, decided to blot out the democrats and I don’t even know if he said HELLO to the health care industry regarding his plan and tried to have implemented a health care plan that wasn’t in ANYBODY’S best interest only a cpl MONTHS of his getting into office.

Who in his camp even did any research to this thing?

You know, many of us, even those of us who agree with the ACA feel that there could DEFINITELY be some TWEAKING done to this plan, because it’s good, but not GREAT.

But to try and replace the plan with nothing that works is no plan at all. Just talking doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Action needs to backup all the tough talk. Action needs to match the words that are spoken with such carelessness and callousness.

We can’t depend on someone who doesn’t even know what the hell he EVER said.  It’s not going to work.

Tax Reform is next, #GoodLordHaveMercy….what’s going to happen with that.

Our way of life might be on the verge of collapse if someone doesn’t get a handle to Trump and Ryan and nem……

Let’s keep our eyes open.

Standing Together

Standing together hurts oppression.
How do I know? Just ask our last, and greatest, advocate for justice. Martin Luther King, Jr.
(But the following quote/meme is NOT from him.)


This quote.  This quote is making me feel a lot of different ways. I WISH I was somebody enough to get out there and fight with those who face the intolerance of injustice today.

Last Friday, TheDonald signed the Muslim Ban bill.  This executive order not only keeps out new immigrants for at least 90 days and as much as 120 (could be longer given more circumstances), but also keeps out people who have already went through the rather strenuous vetting process to get the Visas.  It keeps out people who are already citizens of this country, solely BECAUSE they are of the Muslim faith.

Injustice is Injustice no matter how you look at it.  Banning a people for their faith is injustice.  There’s no RIGHT in it at all.  And when people are being done wrong, EVERYONE should band together and make the wrong stop.

It doesn’t matter to me if the people I want to fight for wouldn’t fight for me or my people when/if the need arises.  What matters to me, as it should to everyone, is that I make SOME KIND OF STAND for the people who need more voices to help them.

What should matter to all of us, as citizens of Americans, is that our country is under attack from the very people who think they are defending it.

When you attack other people’s beliefs, their way of life, their faith, and their patience, you attack every citizen you should be fighting for….not with.

It’s difficult to say what I really mean, because I get so upset my thoughts get jumbled and I want to scream.  I don’t have a people reaching platform.  All I have is this blog and it’s as random as I am.  But, today, for any who might read this, I encourage you to stand with your fellow brothers and sisters, fellow citizen.  Make your voices heard. Scream in writing if you have to, but be heard by someone and let’s fight together.


Well, well, well…



Well, we’re a week into the new Presidential administration and I just don’t know what to say.  I’ve not logged on because there was so much to say and I felt I had no eloquent way to say it.  This week has just been so full of rotten stuff and stupid judgment and just …. WOW!! (Politically speaking.)

Not to mention the fact that I STILL haven’t gotten my car back from being repaired since December 26th.  But, it’s not the repair shop’s fault. According to them, my car has been repaired since 1/9.  I’m waiting on my lien-holder to send back the endorsed repair check……It’s taking a while.  If I’ve ever taken my car for granted before, I’ll be sure to NEVER do so again.

My advice today comes in the form of me (sorta-kinda) whining.
It’s about getting debt under control.  Many people who say they got their debt under control or paid off or whatever make it sound so easy.  What they don’t tell you about this topic is that you kinda have to have a grip on your CURRENT financial situation to be able to fix your past shyt.  I don’t.  Though I would very much like to be able to have all my ducks in a row, I can’t even get my all ducks together.

It’s so bad for me that I called my student loan folks and ASKED if I could request MYSELF to have my wages federally garnished.  And the nice lady on the phone told me NO.  LOL

So, my advice to whoever’s listening today is this: You gotta have a little money to spare to be able to get your debts paid off.  And if you have a little money to spare…. DON’T BLOW IT.

So, I’ll see you guys next time…and don’t be reminded of the harsh new world order when eating Cheetos………

The First Step


I watched “The West Wing”.  You know the current president is still the president until he isn’t.

I don’t know what could be going on in the Obamas’ heads at this moment, but I know that a lot of our country is trying to come to terms with the fact that one of the most gracious families to live in the White House has come to term.

I’m not as politically knowledgeable as I probably should be, but I can tell you that I’ve never witnessed a president as well-informed as President Obama.  I’ve never seen ANYONE AT ALL handle such adversity, criticism, and plain ol’ hatred as graciously, even-headed, and quietly as Barack Obama has.  (In the face of some of the things, harsh words, critical skepticism, as the Obama went through these 8 yrs, I’m confident in my personality to know I woulda been popped off with something rude, nasty and harsh to say back myself.)

I shudder to think what our country is heading for.  I won’t speculate as to what the new male person in the White House (I REFUSE to call that man President) is going to do while in office.  I won’t denigrate him (any further than refusing to call him President).  But, I WANT to be petty and I WANT the press to CONSTANTLY give that man a hard time for the next 4 yrs.

That’s not Christ-like.  🙂

I’m just not ready to give up on having a President that actually knew what he was talking about, even if he was just reading a speech.
I’m just not ready to give up on having a First Lady to do more than just smile and wave and sound like she might perhaps be interested in something other than BEING First Lady.
This has not been an easy 8 years.  Obama hasn’t been perfect by any means.  And if you ask me, he developed that backbone he’s leaving out of there with just a shade bit too late.  But that man gave it a go when no one thought it possible and for that I give a great shout……


Not only does he get to live out the rest of his Black-American life having been the FIRST black man to lead the free country of America, he gets to go out knowing that many others now want to follow in his footsteps.  Not such much as lead the country, but better lives for sure.

I was speaking with a co-worker today and she said something that I hadn’t really thought of.  Not marches and speeches on hilltops, but President Obama can be compared to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his calmness and non-violent approach to the negative media that constantly berated him (Obama) in just about EVERYTHING he did.  His silent message of non-violence in his speech, in the way he addressed the things said about him and his family, in the way he carried himself regardless, reminds me of the way Dr. King lived.  I wasn’t alive then, but the stories have been told…heard…and learned from (in some areas).  The stories have been accurate.  Dr. King was an inspiration to most.  President Obama is and will continue to be an inspiration to all in the coming years.

I don’t know how, or if,  President Obama will stay in the spotlight, relevant to current events, but I hope he will.  I hope we will be able to continue to see Mrs. Obama still encouraging kids to move and exercise and just be.  I hope his children will be able to be inspirations in their parents’ wake and move on to do great things in their lives.

I’m not a big political junkie, but as a citizen, I’m going to miss President Obama and his family and I’m sad to see them go. I’m just not ready.

Thank you Mr. President Obama for sticking in there and hanging on helping to bring change to a reality.  Thank you President Obama for not being afraid to take that first step even when you couldn’t see the whole staircase (Dr. King).  And thank you for showing the world that some of anything is possible when you try.  I would cry “don’t go” but I know that’s not the way it works.

You may have had enough…but we were just getting started.

Good-bye President Barack Obama….and Good luck in your future!