A Little Dressing With That?

DISCLAIMER: This blog is a bit personal and a LOT Too Much Information. But, this is MY blog and we all know that I do get into my own personal business every now and again. I WILL keep it as clean as I possibly can and I WILL NOT spell anything out for those who might not “get it.” Okay? Let’s do it…

Recently, and for the first (and last) time, I found out what “toss salad” means. :-/

While it lasted quite a l-o-n-g time (I thought so anyway) I never did “get it”. I just didn’t understand the point of such a–maneuver, I’ll call it. I didn’t get anything from it, although dude was all moaning and stuff. I guess HE “got it”. :-/

And I was thinking the whole time (yes, during) what was the point of THAT? I had read things that said it was “quite an experience…” or “so worth the extra soaping…” or “…would have you climbing walls…” (actually, I saw a video where a dude did JUST THAT…LOL) But, I didn’t get it. It was just a W.A.S.H. (Weird Ass Shyt, Hell…..LOL)

I wanted it to be over already.
I wanted it to never have happened.
I wanted it to never happen again.
I was glad that it didn’t HURT!

And when dude focused his attention on better “areas” all I could think was “Do you want a little “dressing” to go with that salad, babe?”



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